Download ESRI Import for AutoCAD

ESRI Import for AutoCAD is a very useful software and can be used easily to import add- ins for AutoCAD. The import function of this software gives itself the capacity to import ESRI files from geometric data. ESRI import polylines, polygons and read points for AutoCAD from ESRI shaped data files and has the ability to create corresponding points, polygons and polylines in the active drawing of AutoCAD.

ESRI Import for AutoCAD is much easier to use and once the software is installed, it has the ability to load itself automatically into AutoCAD. Then it adds a submenu known as “ESRI import” to the menu of AutoCAD. It is compatible with Windows 98/ 2000/ ME/ NT/ XP/ Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. After the shape file is imported just simply save it and exit from the drawing. The user can verify the drawing option that is selected and thereafter execute query from the define query dialog box.

The user can set up Property Alteration dialog box. You can also verify for the elevation values by viewing the properties of an object. This software has an additional feature that the user can attach the file that he has just saved it from Home Ribbon of Geospatial Workspace. The user can take the advantage of zooming his images to check for any mistake.

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