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Elshayal Smart is a unique software, which is becoming more useful with every passing day, owing to its easy and efficient user interface. In this software, the GIS, or the software features, are not represented in the usual pictorial or visual form; rather they are depicted in the form of information or real time data. Thus, this software gives an exceptional approach, as compared to the conventional and basic maps and guides. There is no compromise on the data content of the software, which means that all the necessary and important information are successfully, stored using this software, but the method of presentation is far more substantial and solid, as it includes the information and data in the form of text documents as well.

Just like a paper map indicates rivers, cities, places etc, this software can also present the same objects and matters in the form of statistical tables, charts, graphs, texts, lines, borders etc. thus this software helps to validate the pictures or ideas that we have in our minds into more compact and clear presentations.

The most important and beneficial feature of this software program is that the spatial data can be stored and presented in the form of a well constructed structured format which we commonly refer to as the spatial data base. This data base makes its easier for the user to store, analyse, retrieve and view information at ease.

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