Download DWGSee DWG Viewer 2013

DWG SEE DWG VIEWER 2013 is a powerful, quick and easy to use software tool which is used to view, browse, edit, print and measure files and documents having the extensions DWG, DXF and DWF. This software supports all versions of AutoCAD, from the initial to the latest ones. The pro version of the software has the ability to convert dwg file formats to image files having extensions of jpg, tiff or gif, etc. Conversion of dwg file formats into pdf formats is also possible using this software utility. The conversion process is relatively quick, easy, and simple, and hardly takes a few minutes to complete. The dwg viewer is made to support mark up of converted files, thus making work easier and hustle free for the users, and saving considerable amount of valuable time.

The mark up of converted files, as allowed by this software, also has the additional feature of being able to publish the mark up in a suitable pdf format, or any other desired image format, as wished by the user. There are two modes supported by this tool, the viewing mode and the browsing mode.

Dwg files can be conveniently printed using this software. Batch plotting of dwg files has been included in the operation of this software tool, and has proved to be fast and efficient. The length and area of the converted files can be measured with the help of a smart snap tool, which is incorporated in the software itself. Two or more dwg files can also be successfully compared using this beneficial utility.

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