Download Packmage

Carton box is one of the major components used in our regular life. The representation of a carton box decides the value of it. So to design and represent it in a better way one would definitely require Packmage, a complete solution to this problem. The software was first launched in the market by the famous Chinese software development authority of GuangzhaouEprinter.

The software basically helps in to design the carton box in a 3D vision way. It contains some basic visual designs which are considered as his template. The software has fundamentally two modes of operation. The first one contains all the technical operations, which leads the software to get elected in the graphic design software category. The second part consist the utility and management part, which helps it to earn a spot in the CAD software sub-category. The software Packmage is very easy to handle although it is edited with all the modern and advance modifications. The simplicity of the software allows it to get the support of all the windows operating systems. It includes windows XP, windows vista to the latest windows 7 and 8. And the major part is that, it doesn’t even require any other additional software backup to run it from behind. It is self-supportive and can work independently. It only takes about a Microsoft .NET Framework and 17 Mb of hard disc space to run it in the computer.

Packmage allows the user to choose a design from the box template library. The library contains all the database of the design. One could easily pick it’s require frame. Else the library contains some other variable tools that can control all the parameters regarding creating the total framework. The total design and modelling is done under 3D visualization with all other effects. Packmage is surely one of the best 3D visual software found in today’s market.