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The EnggCAD software is a professional approach towards better performance for every user of AutoCAD. It is user friendly software and is easy to understand. This software has been designed to help and assist designers and engineers in the best way possible. It has the ability to form both 3D and 2D CAD designs. It is efficient and works well in co-ordination with AutoCAD, the software has more than 500 commands that are identical to the commands in AutoCAD software. The software has been designed in such a way that it can use a database which is being shared with AutoCAD and eCAD. The visual menu of EnggCAD along with the toolbox editor and dialog provides any technician with the ability to customize the PC to make it friendlier to any user.

The software has all the commands expected by CAD professionals. The biggest advantage of the software is that it can systematically structure the interface. It has a very efficient markup tool. It has the ability to exceed the performance of AutoCAD. It abides to all the standards required to be CAD software. It supports programs such as ADS and AutoLisp among others. It provides the option on auto rendering for 3D designs. The software can transfer confidential CAD designs with the utmost level of security. The software has the ability to provide the technicians with isometric viewing for any 3D design. It can format any file and convert it into any AutoCAD file.

The software is time efficient and has an excellent performance. It has the ability to go wireless and perform its functions when synchronized with any desktop. It has user friendly features like Snap toggle, Ortho or Grid (among other features). This software is an investment for any designer or engineer. It works best when integrated with Windows 2003, XP, Vista and 2000, windows 7 and Windows 8. The software is presently one of the best in the market of CAD software.

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