Download DigiCAD 3D

DigiCAD 3D is a very useful software which deals with images, photographs, drawings of building appearance and maps. This tool is used for rejection of perspective bends. It can superimpose transparent images on technical bitmaps and drawing. The software is used in the field of cartography, photogrammetry and increasingly now a days it is used in architectural photogrammetry for which the software offers easy to use, powerful and exclusive device, like omission of optical deformation, omission of perspective bend from flat and curved surfaces.

It has the ability to work with broad format drawings. It can import photos in BMP, DWG, DXF, XYZ and CXF format and can export images in DWG, PICT, DXF XYZ, MiniCAD, and Domus.CAD format. The software can create beautiful textures from a photo which the user wants to change. It can automatically attach all the parts of drawings. The feature like direct changing of photos helps the user to complete his work faster.

The software has an attach function in the image for 2, 4 and 5 points. It can measure the transformation of the images approximately and precisely. It also has the ability to move element or groups of elements. It has a direct consummation with Nonio C and Domus.CAD

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