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Download Abutments

Abutment is a very useful software that helps you to draw in CAD, where each and every design is in 2D. It includes plans and elevations for drawing bridge abutments. It requires data which are the chief dimension for any designs. It calculates automatically the elevation and also the position of the chief points which define all the geometrical structure.

This software helps in drawing different types of abutments such as railway or roadway in 2D. It helps the user for translation of measurement and checks for the capacity of the soil for the foundation of buildings, dams, bridges etc. It also checks for the dimension of absolute concrete section. It has multiple possibilities for detailing of a drainage system and also of peck foundation. This software has the ability of examining of dirt walls along with the sideward and also interior foundation which is used for strengthening the basement against the Earth pressure over soil. It can also check the earthquake effect.

It supports multiple languages and has multiple stages for construction. You can also design specific elements like parapet using the predefined blocks which allow an individual to design his own technicalities. This software is compatible with Windows 7, Windows XP, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows Vista and Windows 8.

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