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Download Tiles

Stardock is a big name in the world of desktop customization and the latest software released by the same is Tiles. It is an ordinary software which helps people organize their desktop and tidy it up. Generally, Tiles is meant for those users who need to keep multiple tabs open while at work. It is even suitable for men and women who are probably working on more than one project. It is a combination of a launcher and a utility software and hence is all the more famous among people.

The Stardock software Tiles appears as a sidebar and can be shifted to any of the sides of the system. The labels at the top of the application tell us if it houses “Apps”, “Documents” or “My Tiles”. The drag and drop feature of the software helps us in adding or removing programs from the same. Whenever a program or site is active, it is shown in the software as a preview tile, however, when the same is inactive, it is shown as an icon. Although it is true that Tiles’ reduces the space of the open windows to a certain extent, yet people do not mind as it helps them work at ease and keep things right within the reach all the time.

Like most of such similar software’s, Tiles downloads fast and installs even quicker. Casual users who just wish to change the look of the Windows UI can go for Tiles, but it is only people who have real need of the same, would understand the difference it makes. Like most of the Stardock software’s, Tiles proves to be an effective desktop customization tool too. The best thing about Tiles is the fact that, the software is available for free letting you access a major portion of the customization options. However, if you wish to get more out of it, you would have to get the paid version of the same.

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