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Download Decor8

Several months back, Stardock had launched its beta version of Decor8 and recently it came up with the full version. For those who do not have any idea about the software, Decor8 is a small effort from Stardock’s end to allow people to change the background behind the modern Metro UI and put almost any image in its place. This software is targeted at the Windows 8 users and allows full customization of the background. Windows 8 platform restricts people from changing the background to anything other than the system specified images and hence, this software allows you to break free.

The beta version of the software, much like the Windows 8 platform itself, had its own share of limitations, but this latest release of Decor8 being a full version would allow you to play with the background image at ease. According to company CEO Brad Wardell, its twin software’s Start8 and Decor8 complement each other and improve the Windows 8 User Interface by offering unmatched services to the commoners. It is true that many companies have started coming up with similar software’s but none of them are actually as good as Stardock’s version of the same. In fact, most such companies try to incorporate their own ideas in everything and hence fail to make the right impression.

Stardock on the other hand, has been in business for quite some time now and understands the needs of the masses. This is the reason perhaps that the brand has time and again come up with valuable software’s, one which makes a difference to the way we see and use the system. If you wish to give Decor8 a try, opt for the beta version and have a feel of the software. Once you are pleased with the experience, you may lay hands upon the Decor8 full version priced close to $5.

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