Amazing Broken Display APK



There is no limit to imagination, and creating and Android application based on those free flowing thoughts isn’t difficult either. As the name suggests, Amazing Broken Display is a casual application which lets the user pretend to actually have a broken screen, which actually just an illusion is created by the application. Not aiming to solve the biggest purposes of our lives, Amazing Broken Display is solely created for fun and doesn’t disappoint indeed.
To get started with the fun, simply open the application, select the picture you want to appear as your wallpaper and then the delay after which the screen breaks (apparently). The Amazing Broken Display also provides the secondary options like the type of trigger which broke the screen. What many people miss out on this is a minute option of applying sounds and making things sound way more real. Increase the volume to a mediocre level and pretend as if people broke your phone (That’s where the fun starts). Application has 9 different images to select from bundled with a few random sounds which occur usually when a screen actually breaks.

The classic feature that highlights this application is its live mode. This mode allows the user to continue using like a normal phone, with the crack still persisting on the screen. Though the crack appears on the application’s image rather than the actual application, it still is worth it. To switch off the prank, visit Amazing Broken Display again. When someone else is using the phone, delayed effect can be really handy as it may appear they broke it while using the phone. The application’s description itself portrays itself as a useless application, and only paves its way if fun is the need!