Remote for Samsung TV APK



Have you lost your TV remote and is unable to watch any of your favorite programs? Worry not, Remote for Samsung TV acts as a virtual remote controller that lets your control your TV from your phone. The app runs through wifi and is therefore necessary that you have an active wifi connection for your Android device as well as for your TV. This remote is identical to the actual remote and has all the functionalities of an actual remote.

To use “Remote for Samsung TV” you need to first establish a connection between your TV and your virtual remote. To do this, first connect your mobile/Tablet to the Wi-Fi network to which your TV is connected. Send a confirmation message from your virtual remote to your TV and accept it to establish a secure connection. If you mistakenly did not accept the confirmation message, you can change the setting from the menu button. This app is simple and the design of the remote is classy and smart. It is to be noted that this app only works with a Samsung TV as the app name suggests. The following models of TV is supported by the app-Series C, series D, series E and series F, all with internet connection or having all share features.

Remote for Samsung TV is a completely free app that can be used as a remote for your Samsung TV. All you have to do is download and install the app from play store and get started. Having a wifi connection and the supported TV is necessary for this app to work. It also contains a smart Hub button for smart TV users. So if you’re looking for a replacement for your old or lost TV remote “Remote for Samsung TV” is your app.