LGeemote Remote For LG TV APK



If you lost your TV remote or your remote is not working then LGeemote remote for LG TV is the one app you must have. It turns your smartphone into a virtual remote which can control your LG TV and has all the functions of an actual remote. For this app to run a working wifi or an Ethernet cable is required and works with a “smart TV” only. Your TV and smartphone should be on the same network as it is necessary to establish a connection between your virtual remote and TV.

LGeemote remote for LG TV works in a very simple way. First install the app on your Android phone and then launch the app. It will then search for your TV provided your TV is connected to the same network. A certain code will then appear on your TV which you will have to enter in your app. After successful input of the code your virtual remote will then be connected to your LG TV. You can now use your phone to control your TV from any areas of your house if there is presence of wifi network in that particular area. Lgeemote is not supported by all LG TVs, only those having the “smart TV” feature that includes internet connectivity works with this app. The user interface is simple and smart and resembles your actual remote controller. You can perform all the basic functions like change channels, increase/decrease volume or even switch off your TV.

LGeemote remote for LG TV is freeware and contains no ads in the app. It works on your wifi connection hence having an active wifi network in your house is extremely necessary. Download LGeemote remote for LG TV from Play store and turn your phone into a working remote!