FLV Player (alpha version) APK



FLV player is a utility application which allows the user download and convert videos from different websites directly from the browser. It has an extensive guide to conduct this process and the task can be done without any troubles. It has a share and shortcut menu, making it quite easy to use and share with people. Even the lash videos can be played in this player. This application requires the user to install Flash player plugin as a pre-requisite to use this application. FLV player also supports view intent from file manager. The filenames can use ASCII and numbers and cannot use byte chars. It is a very useful application to download and convert the videos in straight forward manner.


Browsing option – There are variety of browsers choice within the application and it is very useful option and gives customized experience to users.

Convenient – The videos can be converted and downloaded directly without going to any other program separately. Covert into most convenient file format easily.


Switching of browsers – Videos from different sites have different browser requirement as they play better on one and bad on another. The user need to switch the browser from settings every time and restart the program which is fussy part of application.

Limited trial period – The application has a limited trial period of 14 days for users and then after, it will be chargeable.

Publisher’s Description

The application is a latest webmaster tool and makes easier to add and convert videos easily. The player works tremendously with the FLV encoder and file compressor for different formats of files. Flash FLV is one of the most popular formats and gets connected easily with the streaming of Flash communications or Flash media server. The application enables the user to get the videos on PC and launch them directly from application browser.