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The popularity of video is increasing day by day. Unfortunately, there is no reliable software or any good method so that you can at least have the video once you have figured out the one you want or have done an extensive research to find the one you might have been looking for.

On top, there is again a lot of restrictions to download videos i.e. even after you have been through all the pain to search out the video, there will be endless roadblocks when you want to save a copy of that for your own reference or collection.

In fact, a lot of people get disheartened when faced with this problem to the extent that they start looking for any or every alternate including looking for cheap CD or DVD collection(s) where firstly you are required to pay for it, secondly there is always the risk of that disk or the file not working all the time or not working at all in which you are required to almost repeat the process again to either get a fresh one or look for a new vendor and thirdly, you always carry the risk of getting unwanted programs apart from what you actually need.

Now, to avoid all these unnecessary hassles and blockade, there is a wonderful app around – Video MP4 Downloader. With this, you can download any sort of video, be it AVI, FLV, 3GP, WMV, MKV, MOV, MP4 and so on. Above all, you are not required to pay anything for it separately. So, it’s the same phone, same OS i.e. Android and the same internet connection but you get what you love the most with only a few swipes and taps.

Sounds exciting isn’t it? Then, download it right away!