Is your phone lagging while you are trying to run a video which requires more space? Or you simply aren’t able to enjoy your viewing experience as the app or game would suddenly show ‘’App is not responding’’. This is the period when you don’t need to get frustrated, but you need to dig diamond of an app in Play Store known as BS Player.

BS Player is a free app available on the Android Platform and is compatible with latest Android 5.0 Lollipop. It is among the best media players available on the Android platform. The primary reason for that is an excellent user-friendly interface and high performance. The BS player is free to download an application and highly recommended for a user if they want to enjoy their videos at a jaw-dropping and amazingly great quality.

The BS Player accelerates the performance of your video player and is not like any ordinary video player. It comprises of various amazing aspects including the multi-core decoding. The app does not only allow you to enjoy the best on the screen but off it too as it considerably helps to save your battery consumption.

Free – The BS Player is available both for free as well as in-app purchase. But for anyone who isn’t looking to splash some penny can opt for the free version which is nearly as good as the Paid version.

Speed – The BS Player offers tremendous speed and helps your device to work more smoothly and efficiently. It pays attention to your battery backup and helps you to save an enormous amount of battery life.

Key Features – The BS Player has Android 5.0 compatibility. It is multi-core. Offers background playback video. Supports almost all media file formats. It enables you to stream multiple audios and subtitles. It plays uncompressed RAR files directly.